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Cooperation Projects

In order to strengthen collaboration within the institute, across working groups and platforms, and to sharpen the institute's scientific profile, HI-TRON Mainz is funding groundbreaking strategic projects by its scientists. 

Already in 2020, three first projects were launched under the umbrella of the Scientific Management Board in the field of tumor microenvironment, tumor biomarkers and identification of neoepitope-specific TCRs.
In 2023, a new round of strategic projects has been selected.…

Strategy projects 2023

Comprehensive molecular tumor profiling to assist the development of an integrated data platform for the identification of biomarkers predictive of immunotherapy response. 

1. Generate multi-dimensional datasets that combine sequencing, pathology and clinical data for cancer patients treated with immunotherapies; 

2. Develop machine learning (ML)-based bioinformatic tools to integrate and explore multi-dimensional data in order to identify immunotherapy relevant biomarkers and support therapy selection.

Aim 1: We aim to assess molecular differences across fibrotic and non-fibrotic subtypes of skin cancer ranging from UV-driven melanomas, basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas; 

Aim 2: We will elucidate cell intrinsic and extrinsic differences between skin cancer subtypes that dictate responsiveness to immune checkpoint inhibitors. 

Cooperation projects 2020

Aim: Establishment of a pipeline / HI-TRON expertise for the identification and validation of these TCRs from tumor tissue, CSF and peripheral blood.

Focus: Two entities with a "high medical need" and existing specific preliminary work / expertise with self-developed bioinformatic tools and analytical and functional assays.

Aim: Development of a more cost-effective method for the detection of tumor-relevant circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in order to make it accessible for academic-clinical research.

Aim: Effects of biophysical parameters of the tumor microenvironment on the function of immune cells.