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Why HI-TRON Mainz


➤ HI-TRON is a modern employer that offers scientists numerous opportunities for personal and scientific growth.

➤ We HI-TRONists work in modern laboratories and are internationally known for our outstanding research and expertise.

➤ We are the DKFZ, TRON, JGU, and UM Mainz and can thus bundle the knowledge of four globally recognized partners.


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Open positions

The "High-throughput Immunopeptidomics Platform" aims to identify cancer-specific immunopeptides (MHC-ligands), antigens that can trigger the immune response, and potential targets for immunotherapy. To achieve this, we develop and implement LC-MS-based workflows to scrutinize the immunopeptidome in clinical, preclinical, and in vitro studies. 

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Dermal Oncoimmunology - Munir, Hafsa, Dr.
Project title: Exploring how stromal-Immune interactions shape skin disease


We are constantly expanding and strongly encourage proactive applications from talented individuals. Apply by getting in touch with us!